Monday, May 13, 2013

Hi guys!!  I'm back!!  Takes me forever to post, mental note, must get better!! Today I wanted to share my new favorite nail kit.  Most people that know me, know I love to shop, however it's easy for people to think I just spend money with no regards (perhaps at one time, but that is not the case any more).  I'm a reformed shopaholic (got tired of being broke all the time).  A few years back I completely stopped getting my hair and nails done (too much work, time and money + I hate waiting)  and I needed to free up cash for shoes and bags (my no.1 love) but I still wanted my nails and hair to look fairly decent.  So I went on youtube and learned A LOT!  It's crazy to see all the stuff that is out now for do it yourself'ers.  Enter Sensationail!!  Now the kit is pricey, about the cost of one mani/pedi and since I don't get my nails done, I still thought too much at around 49.99-59.99.  And like a true reformed shopaholic, I cyber stalked the product for about 6 months  and eventually my patience paid off as I found it on EBAY for $38 bucks + FREE SHIPPING .....SCORE!!!! I'm sure at one point in time I would have just bought it at the higher price and then later found it  cheaper.....enter self loathing LOL.  So I bought two LOL one for me and one for my mom.  I have now used the product and couldn't be happier!!  15 minutes and I was ready to go.  Granted I will be buying additional colors at about $10 per bottle, but again I went to Ebay and found 5 colors for $27.  It's amazing what happens when you decide to not give your money away and again this frees up cash, enough to rid me of the guilt of over spending on an amazing handbag!

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