Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have over my lifetime searched and searched for the natural no make-up, make-up look, I have gone as far as wearing no make-up for that effect and still could not find my natural holly grail.  Enter BB Creams!!  Now several have come along and I can say I've tried about 4 of them including the ones pictured above.  Yes I realize two are the exact same brand (just in different shades).  My first attempts at a BB Cream was Garnier Skin Renew and though I loved it, once I learned that applying it with a brush was a must, the shine it brought on, was less than desirable.  During the winter months, I must admit that it actually helped my skin from drying out too much, so I still definitely intend on going back to it when winter returns.  I also tried an Asian brand BB Cream, that I do not recommend at all!  Wish I remembered the name as it is hiding at the bottom of my make-up barrel.  In any case, imagine my glee when I saw a commercial for Garnier Oil Control BB Cream, I literally darted over to my local drugstore!  I initially bought the light/medium color, but that was entirely too light for my skin tone so I made a second trip and purchased the medium.  I don't know why I didn't exchange it, but that worked out for me in the end.  The medium shade was a perfect match to my skin, though it left me looking a little muddy, I then used the lighter shade to brighten up my eye area and it was absolute perfection!

And again I must say this is not the end of my search, but after years and years It's nice to feel I'm that much closer in my quest.  Though my make-up requires no touch up during the day, I do take a Kleenex to my face and pat around to reset. 

I too have oily lids and have found that smashbox shadow liners do not move once set, so I do not worry about my shadow moving whatsoever! This particular shade is perfectly pigmented that I don't feel the need to add liner.

My other go to product for a natural affect are tinted lip stains.  These were a problem for me at first as the application was quite foreign to me, I could never get them on right.  I have since learned to apply them thinly, letting it dry completely and re-apply (if a deeper shade is desired) , then quickly blend with my pinky.  I also recommend wearing them under a lipstick, this ensures a perfectly colored pout through out the day even after meals.

Now eyelashes are my finishing touch, though I was intimidated by them for a long time, finishing my look with a great pair of wispy lashes adds the perfect hint of pretty to the whole look.

Let me know if you have any advice for no make-up, make-up looks as my quest continues.

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