Thursday, May 23, 2013

There is one sure thing that will absolutely drive me crazy....... OVER PAYING for something I can get cheaper.  It's best to clarify that I am first and foremost a brand whore, though not something to be proud of, the truth will set you free (they say)!  However often times I have obsessed with buying a brand name item only to later find something completely similar in a non "brand" name, that is equally fierce!!!  Have this happen to you time and time again, one must finally learn.  But I never seem too.

A few weeks ago I was obsessively hunting down the Jeffrey Campbell Puffer sandals in Gold and I must say I was proud of myself because I found them and paid less than full price for them along with free shipping!  But later I found out Forever 21 had an extremely similar version for $29.99 (sadly now sold out.......sigh), I know with some shoe variations you think well I'm paying leather vs pleather/pvc so it's worth the extra money, but in this case we are talking about plastic ladies.  Now I intended to purchase the puffer sandals in black as well because I absolutely love my gold puffers, but in researching I found a variation of the puffer at Charlotte Russe for $38.50 which is a definite steal!  They are offering a buy one get one at half price so I bought two for less than what I paid for my 1 Jeffrey Campbell Puffer, feeling a bit like Charlie Sheen WINNER!

So if anyone out there is anything like me, get your puff on!!!

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