Monday, March 11, 2013

Whats In My Bag??

What's In My Bag

Plastic bag

Louis vuitton handbag

Hair accessory



Sephora collection

Wet n Wild wet n wild

Bath body product

FOREVER 21 17 Piece Hair Tie Set

So I always wanted to be the kind of girl who was always prepared for any and all of life's little emergencies and though it's taken several years, I'm happy to report, I am that kind of girl.  Well kind of.  I do carry with me all you see here, but it seems not ever when I truly need it!  I am an absolute handbag lover, but living in L.A this sometimes seems a little absurd.  As I literally walk from my house into my car, from my car into work and when I am walking about, it's annoying to have a handbag on my shoulder at all time, so I often opt for just carrying my phone and tuck my credit card inside my phone case!  What is a gal to do???

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