Friday, January 25, 2013


So for those of you out there with the patience and motivation for organization, I thought featuring this app + would be most beneficial.  I discovered it last year, (early in the year, I’d like to say) on I was watching a youtuber discuss her love of a particular app where uploading a cyber closet was possible.  As I allowed my shock and excitement to sink in, I investigated this further immediately, only to find the app she mentioned was poorly rated so alas I thought, totally bummer!  So I did a general search of like apps and came across which was highly rated and looked very promising powered by +shopstyle and +polyvore!  This is definitely the time to mention that this app is completely free!!! There is a charge if you are interested in purchasing the calendar feature, which I inevitably did but it is absolutely not necessary!!  So uploading my items took me at least two month, this is not morning noon and night but off and on working on it when I had free time or when I remembered something that I had in my closet that had to be uploaded at once. 

I do have a few suggestions if you choose to take on this project.  At first I began photographing my items, which would have taken FOREVER!!! I quickly lost motivation as I tried putting an outfit together and didn’t like the finished product.  So what I began doing was going to +Google images and locating my items there from the original stores I bought them from and saving the images to my iphone/ipad, this process was a lot quicker and I was able to locate my items even if it had been years since I purchased my items.  On those rare occasions when I was unable to locate my exact item, I made due with like-wise items.  What I love now that it’s all in there, you can create a wish list of items you want and when you buy them, you can just move them from your wish list to your virtual closet, I love this feature!!!  So below I'm sharing some of my own images from my stylish girl virtual closet!  Any of you willing to give this a try, let me know how it works out for you!

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